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Version 1.1.10 (7/31/2006)

  • Select all non-transient fields by default.
  • Disable the "Append super" option, if parent's method is abstract.
  • Add option in the preference page to display fields of superclasses.

Version 1.1.9 (2/22/2006)

  • Added SHORT_PREFIX_STYLE, which comes from Commons Lang 2.1, to the ToStringStyle list of the toString generation dialog.
  • Disable the "Append super" option of the compareTo generation dialog, if Comparable is not implemented in the superclasses of current class.
  • Disable the "Append super" option of the equals and hashCode generation dialog if the direct superclass of current class is java.lang.Object, or equals and hashCode are not overridden in the superclasses.

Version 1.1.8 (11/25/2005)

The first specific version for Eclipse 3.1
  • Added the functionality of adding the @Override annotation.
  • Added the functionality of generating generified compareTo().